Muppet Casting: Succession

There’s two weeks left of Succession, and the inspiration struck me to bring back Muppet Casting for this occasion

  • Statler and Waldorf as Logan Roy – I was initially unsure if I could pick out a Muppet well suited for the role of a belligerent old man, but then I realized I knew exactly the pair experienced at mercilessly criticizing their fellow characters. I could have said one is playing Logan and maybe the other is playing Ewan, but I don’t want to break up the duo, so we’re just saying Logan is a two headed monster in this scenario.
  • Fozzie Bear as Roman Roy – As I like to do, I am matching up Fozzie with the “jokester” character of the show, but in this case I really like the dynamic created where he’s Statler and Waldorf’s son, destined to never earn their approval.
  • Gonzo the Great as Kendall Roy – I’m kind of just matching a major Muppet with a lead role here. I could justify it by noting Kendall has done some wild stunts in his own time. But mostly I like the visual of seeing Gonzo starring into the distance like Kendall does.
  • Miss Piggy as Shiv Roy – Naturally the part for the leading lady of the Muppets, Miss Piggy is probably better prepared than her fellow Muppets to play a highly toxic individual.
  • Kermit the Frog as Tom Wambsgans – Of course if Piggy is Shiv than Kermit must be Tom. I also think it works for Kermit to play a character of more humble origins, even if he ultimately a jerk as well.
  • Walter as Greg Hirsch – I like to not forget about this one-time film protagonist, and I think he works here as an anxious character who feels out of his depth. I considered Scooter to fill the need for an Assistant, but since he’s actually competent at his job by Muppet standards, I think he makes more sense as the equivalent to Kendall’s assistant Jess.
  • Lew Zealand as Connor Roy – I could have said Sam the Eagle to play up the Presidential ambitions, or Rowlf to emphasize him being the most chill Roy, but ultimately I thought it most appropriate to simply cast a minor Muppet no one takes very seriously.
  • Janice as Willa Ferreyra – Traditional casting of Janice as a side female character, this works with Janice embodying Willa’s artsy side.
  • Rizzo the Rat as Stewy Hosseini – With Gonzo as Kendall, it makes sense to cast Rizzo as his clever but slimy friend Stewy.
  • Pepe the King Prawn as Lukas Matsson – Pepe seems right to play the hot outsider who gets involved in the Roys’ business. I could have made a nationality joke by casting Swedish Chef, but Chef probably makes more sense as one of Matsson’s advisors in this scenario.
  • Uncle Deadly as Frank Vernon,, Bunsen Honeydew as Karl Muller, Beaker as Hugo Baker – Rounding out what I think are some solid casting choices for the Roy’s business advisors.
  • Special Guest Star J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri Kellman – I was basically inspired to do this whole bit by one tweet saying if you recast Succession with Muppets, Gerri should be the one that stays human, and I was pretty satisfied to go with that concept.