The Day Thread of Willow Ptarmigans

Today we behold the mighty willow ptarmigan, state bird of Alaska. It is native to the subarctic tundra, where it lives year-round rather than migrating to friendlier climes in the winter. Someone local to me spotted some about 150km outside of town recently and I was surprised as I did not know they got that close to here.

Reasons why the willow ptarmigan is the Best Bird:

  1. It changes colour with the seasons to better camouflage in its environment. White in the winter…
Look at these goobers.

Red/brown in the summer…

I see you.

And radical transition stages in between while it moults.


2. It has magnificent feet. (I’ll leave it to you to google its summer feet, but suffice it to say it has some most excellent dinosaur toes.)

This might be a rock ptarmigan? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. It lays metal eggs. 🤘

Eight! I count eight eggs! Ah ah ah!

4. It makes the most hilarious sounds.