This Night Thread Is Cool as an Ice Cucumber Pepsi

Pepsi Ice Cucumber was a flavor of Pepsi that was released exclusively in Japan in the summer of 2007. Though I am not normally a “soda pop” drinker, I did have it a couple times and kind of liked it; I found it not overly sweet, and somewhat refreshing. However, in spite of its appealing colour, tasting sort of like it was supposed to be healthy, and projecting a healthy image due to associating itself with the watery, low-calorie cucumber, in reality Pepsi Ice Cucumber had roughly the same amount of sugar and calories as a regular “soft drink”. The drink was discontinued after its initial run.

There are a surprisingly large number of 15-year-old YouTube videos of various people taste-testing Pepsi Ice Cucumber; I won’t link any in this header on account of being unsure how these individuals might feel about being associated with this place1, but to hear other reviews of this product, just type “pepsi ice cucumber” into the search bar and be magically whisked away to 2007, with all the picture and sound quality that the typical YouTuber had at their disposal during the early years of the 21st century.

OPTIONAL DISCUSSION PROMPT: What are your favorite discontinued (or no longer available to you) drinks, be they “soft”, “hard” or somewhere in between?

Have a Great Night Thread, Avocado!