Comic Book Review – Green Arrow #1 (of 6)

Green Arrow #1 

Writer – Joshua Williamson 

Artist – Sean Izaakse 

At the end of Dark Crisis (on Infinite Earths), Oliver Queen never returned to Earth alongside the other heroes that were enslaved by Pariah and freed by the Green Lantern Corps. The mystery of Oliver’s whereabouts was the main reason why I added Green Arrow to my pull list. 

Oliver Queen washes ashore on an island and realizes he isn’t on Earth, thanks to the alien landscapes that send a shock to his system. Roy Harper, Connor Hawke, and Dinah Lance’s search for Oliver finds them in Gotham City where they are reunited with a long-lost family member. This joyous moment is cut short when two members of the group are teleported away by an unknown force. Can Oliver Queen survive on an alien world and find his way home to his loved ones? Who was responsible for that attack on Green Arrow’s extended family? 

It’s been awhile since Oliver Queen starred in his own comic series and it’s nice to see him get the featured spotlight again. Ever since the TV series Arrow left the air, there has been a massive void detailing the adventures of the verdant vigilante. Joshua Williamson has been known for breathing new life into comic book characters and he sets his sights (pun intended) on Oliver this time around. 

This issue does a great job retelling Oliver’s origin and reminding old and new readers alike of his deep connections to Roy, Connor, and Dinah and the impact the avenging archer has had on their lives. This first issue seemed like a very quick read to me and left me wanting more by the end of the issue. Although only listed as a six-issue miniseries, I can see this getting extended into a full-fledged saga. Case in point – a lot of people I know were talking about this first issue and many had it on their list of pickups for New Comic Book Week ending April 29. 

The Dawn of DC has just begun and it’s a promising start for beloved characters and teams getting a chance to shine once again. I have a gut feeling that Ollie’s pal Hal Jordan may have a part to play in the rescue of his hard traveling comrade at arms. I look forward to seeing if this is the case. 

Green Arrow #1 is available now. Issue Number 2 will be available in shops: May 23, 2023.