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Tuesday’s Politics thread is back…ish

Ok, I’m here but I’m not. I’ll be around sporadically. I’m pretty much traveling until mid-July. Good times, folks. Disqus is going to LOVE me.

We all know Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon got booted, so I’m not going to link to any of that mess.

Looks like DA Willis will get her fireworks at a discount on July 11th. This is a really good thread I posted last night. It has a really clear road map of the next few months in GA.

I don’t feel like this has been on the radar, but The Idiot tried to overturn Sen. Ossoff’s election in Coffee County, GA.

Thread/article on Harlan Crow’s BFF, Clarence.

That’s my three. Next week, I’ll be sending this out from another far flung destination. I haven’t unpacked yet, and I already need to pack again. I may burrow into my closet and never leave my house again when this is all over.

So I should probably start by cleaning my closet out. Le sigh…..

Do your thing, folks. Be kind, be cool, stay collected, follow the site rules. Behave. All of that stuff. I’m out.