The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Weekly Wrestling Thread gets the Hell off Social Media

Seriously, Twitter needs to die

Seriously, professional wrestlers have to quit social media. All of them. Stop responding to trolls. Stop vague-posting. Stop shit-stirring. Teenagers have better self-control than most of these grown-to-middle-aged adults.

CP Munk

On the subject of middle-aged adults and self-control, All Elite Wrestling are reportedly set to announce a new Saturday show, that may or may not be where CM Punk returns. It’s possible this will be so he is kept separately from Jericho, Moxley, and The Elite; a soft brand split in an attempt to placate the most fragile ego in the Biz. Apparently Punk has expressed a willingness to work with them – how gracious of the man who publicly shit on all of them, and physically attacked one of them in private.

Saturday seems like a strange day for Collision – the rumoured name of the new show – considering it will be almost constantly pre-empted for sporting events and overshadowed by every PLE from their competition, but network television needs Content. Content, Content, Content!

Wembley Stadium, London

All In was announced for August 27th in Wembley Stadium, London, in the United Kingdom. With their very first visit to Europe, AEW have made a statement of ambition, booking a venue with just under 90,000 seats and a record concert attendance of 98,000 for Adele in 2017.

Speculation has been rampant since the news broke. How many tickets to they have to sell for the show to be considered a “success”? It was reported 45,000 people had signed up for the pre-sale access link by Friday, with that number climbing significantly.

The question is, once the die-hards and touts have snapped up the tickets they want, how many more tickets will they sell? The general public associate “professional wrestling” with WWE, so will there be much demand for an unfamiliar company?

This of course leads to what matches could possibly make the card. Omega vs Ospreay, or Omega vs Ibushi might be dream fights, but enough to headline the show? The rumoured retirement of Sting would for sure be an undeniable event, but even though some might scoff at the idea of CM Punk main eventing or a cameo by the out-of-WWE-contract Goldberg, but those are Names that would sell tickets; and despite trash-talking him anonymously on the internet, I’d still pop like crazy to see Punk in person at All In, like the massive hypocritical Mark I am.

Meanwhile, the owner of NWA, Billy Corgan, held a joint show along with Mexican promotion AAA at the beginning of the month, whilst touring with his side-project, a band called “The Smashing Pumpkins”. The full event is available to view online:

Finally, if you haven’t checked out Immortan Scott’s Most Shocking Wrestling Moments articles, I strongly suggest you do! They’re great, and the final part will be published this week.