Yee-haw, it’s the FFX Cid Night thread!

Now we come to Cid from Final Fantasy X, the first game on the PS2. Here’s his wiki blurb:

Cid is the Al Bhed‘s leader, the father of Rikku and Brother, and Yuna‘s uncle. With the help of the other Al Bhed, he unearths an ancient airship at the Al Bhed excavation near Baaj Temple. Cid repairs and christens the ship Fahrenheit. The airship is made available to the player as a mode of transportation, and is employed in battle with Evrae and Sin. Cid is voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi in the Japanese version and Mike McShane in the English version.

My thoughts: I didn’t care for this Cid. FFX was the first FF game with voice acting. The voice acting was passable at best and downright terrible at some points. Cid was among the worst with a Texan accent that felt totally out of place. Localizing FFX was notoriously difficult, so we shouldn’t be too hard on the team. Cid also appears in FFX-2, where he chastises Yuna, Rikku, and Paine for being “unwed girls” running around in skimpy outfits. Get with the times, Cid.

Check out this painting he has on his airship:

Dude definitely has a few screws loose. Have a great night!