FFIX Cid Night Thread

We now come to FFIX’s Cid Fabool IX. Here’s what the wiki says about him:

Cid Fabool IX is briefly playable during a non-battle sequence. He is the Regent of the city-state of Lindblum—appropriately, a city of accomplished engineers, mechanics, and airship pilots. A fight with his wife, Hilda, over his issues of infidelity ended with his being transformed into an oglop. Despite this handicap, Cid remains Lindblum’s ruler, and his skill at designing airships has led the city to become the world’s preeminent air power.

My thoughts: It’s a shame that FFIX has been transformed to an oglop (some kind of bug?), because his human form is welcome throwback to early designs after FFVIII’s boring design. Here’s his oglop form:

At one point he’s transformed into a frog:

One final thought: FFIX is the only game where FF game I can recall where infidelity is even mentioned.