FFVIII Cid Night Thread

My series on Cid in Final Fantasy games continues with the polarizing FFVIII. Here’s what the wiki says about him:

Cid Kramer is the Balamb Garden headmaster, where Squall Leonhart is a student. Cid provides Squall and his SeeD companions the training they need to defeat a powerful sorceress.

Cid reveals to Squall that Balamb Garden is capable of flight, fulfilling his traditional duty as a Cid to provide the player with a flying form of transportation.

My thoughts: This one didn’t make a big impression on me back when I played through FFVIII. After the wild outfits of early FF games, Cid Kramer’s vest and slacks could not be more pedestrian. Even so he’s a warm, friendly and caring, a nice change of pace from FFVII’s abrasive iteration. Probably the most interesting thing about him is he’s married to Edea, the primary antagonist early in the game who is possessed by an evil sorceress from the future.

Have a great night!