Night Thread hopes FFVII Cid crashes his tiny bronco

Tonight we reached the FFVII’s Cid. Here’s what the wiki says about him:

Cid Highwind is a playable character. A gifted mechanic and pilot, he constructs several of the vehicles used by the party in Final Fantasy VII, including the Tiny Bronco and his eponymous airship, the Highwind. Cid dreams of going into space; the player first encounters him in Rocket Town, a city built around Shinra’s abandoned space program (of which Cid was a part).

My thoughts: FFVII Cid is by far the worst of the bunch. The foul-mouthed pilot yells at the party from the moment he appears on the screen. Worse, he treats his assistant Shera like absolute shit because she “ruined” his dream of going to space when she suspected there was a safety issue during launch. (Later it turns out she was right) It’s genuinely uncomfortable to watch him scream at her. It reads like a poor attempt to make the first Playstation Final Fantasy as gritty and edgy as possible.

In FFVII spinoff Dirge of Cerebus we learn the two have gotten married. Fuck that.

By the way, if this Cid looks a little different from previous entries, it’s because this one was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, who would go on to direct Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Kingdom Hearts series. Previous character artwork was created by Yoshitaka Amano