American Dad Season 20 Episode 2 The Professor and the Coach

In which Roger sabotages Roger…

It’s no secret that I and others have criticized the direction the show has taken Roger in recent seasons. His personas have not been well thought out save for a few and often have been haphazard and lazy, not a lot of Ricky Spanish )*whispers* Ricky Spanish) recently. Between this week and the premier, the writers are perhaps trying to correct that or maybe its just the way the chips fell this early in the season. Let’s see…

Hayley is really excited to get to her college literature class because she’s been inspired by Professor Dickins Longbottom. Of course, as Steve (and the audience because come on) guesses, the Professor is Roger. Longbottom has inspired Hayley but he himself is feeling uninspired and feels like he needs to write his great American Novel. However, that’s interrupted by the hiring of the new coach, Grundy, who of course is also Roger. Grundy and Longbottom battle for control of Roger with Hayley trying to push Longbottom to write his book.

Of course Grundy eventually captures Longbottom and Hayley (with Longbottom eventually being Rogu). He attempts to kill them by hanging them above Old Faithful. However, he has a change of heart once he reads Longbottom’s novel.

Over on the, let’s call it B-Plot, Stan tries to get recruits for the football team, first with Barry, who is still in high school. Barry is pretty bad but then Stan meets a better athlete and dumps Barry. Barry, during the montage, apparently gets his revenge though by injuring the player.

And on the C-Plot maybe you forgot but Jeff’s been writing a rap. After the Sharks announce that they’re leaving Langley Falls, Jeff rallies a stunned Francine to save the team. He writes a rap, presents it to the Sharks people and they decide to not move.

Stray Observations

  • Coach Grundy is a general parody of a lot of coaches but seems to be “modeled” after Urban Meyer
  • “Doive on in” makes a return to Roger’s lexicon.
  • Stan seems to be open to swinging with Barry’s parents now.

Thoughts: Solid if unremarkable episode. It can’t match last week for me. It’s well-trodden ground now for Roger’s personas plus the “I was both characters all along” is par for the course.