The New Adventures Of Old Friday Politics Thread

Happy Trans Day Of Visibility! This feels like one of the more important ones in years, of course I thought that about last year too haha. It’s real stressful out there but seeing everyone fight the good fight with us gives me hope. If they take anything from me they can’t take that!

Today’s Artist Peppermint does it all! She’s a Drag Queen, an actress, an activist and a singer! I first saw her in the phenomenal TV show Pose a show guaranteed to rip your heart out in a good way! She’s also the first openly Trans competitor on Drag Race and the first Trans Person to originate a principal role in a Broadway Musical (Head Over Heels) of which the first song comes from!

Flashing Light warning in the beginning of this one

That’s all she wrote! Remember to follow all the rules, support your local Clam Fighter, and that they indicted the former President yesterday!