Georgina Beyer Night Thread

Georgina Beyer of New Zealand was the first openly transgender mayor and member of parliament in the world. She died on March 6th of this year at age 65. She was an amazing human being and a hero who fought for civil unions, decriminalization of sex work, and Maori rights.

Here are two interviews with her: a short one where she discusses her life and activism as part of a promotion for the 2010 photography exhibition and book Assume Nothing, and a longer one (that’s well worth the time to watch) from 2021 as part of the Matangireia series examining Maori politicians. Content warning for the second one for brief discussions of transphobia, sexual assault, and attempted suicide.

It’s already March 31st in New Zealand at the time of this posting. Happy International Trans Day of Visibility! RIP Georgina Beyer. We need more of you in the world, and more people to support and nurture the possibilities of people like you. Love to all you trans Avocadans and allies. Happy posting!