Comic Book Chat – 40th Anniversary of Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man 238 in March 1983.

Happy Anniversary Hobby!

I really like the Hobgoblin character and his aesthetic/costume is one of my favorites.

A cool villain full of mystery and mystique until Marvel dropped the ball on the reveal of the man behind the mask.

Did you Know – He was voiced by Mark Hamill on the Spider-Man cartoon?

Where does he rank among your personal list of supervillains?

What’s your favorite comic book/storyline featuring Hobgoblin?

What is your favorite comic book cover featuring Hobby?

Will we see him making the leap to the big screen?

What sets him apart from the other Goblins in the Marvel Universe?

Which superhero would you like to see him face off against?

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