The Tabletop Thread (3/29/23)

For today’s thread I wanted to talk about one of the most well known and widely played tabletop games out there, Catan. However, I’m finding myself a little at a loss because I have some long standing bad blood with Catan. I can understand the appeal, I can see playing it with people often but all the games I’ve played of Catan have been frustrating at best and friendship ending at worst, so I don’t think I can put a positive spin on it.

Catan is a resource gathering game played on a hex board over multiple rounds. There are a ton of expansions and variants on this, so if you have a buddy who is REALLY into Game of Thrones, well cool, there’s a Catan for that!

I would love to hear some people’s positive experiences with this game because it’s ubiquity and general malleability make it seem like it should be a lot more fun than I’ve had with it.

And as always, this is a place to talk anything tabletop, not just my topic of the week!