Dance Off at Drinkers Pub Day Thread (03/29)

Dance Off at Drinker’s Pub Day Thread 

One of my goals for the New Year was to share some stories about my personal life with all of you.  

Today, I have a story about my epic dance off at Drinker’s Pub. 

Back in 2011, my friend Ben and I went to Philly to visit his on again, off again girlfriend Emilee and other friends from college. We all went to a nice dinner Friday night and Saturday was spent touring the city. We stopped to have lunch at Drinker’s Pub and ended up staying there to watch NCAA Men’s Basketball since University of Pittsburgh was in the tournament and we all attended college there. 

Sadly, the Panthers lost their game and we were going to leave and go home when the bar opened up in the basement downstairs. We all decided to check it out and saw a group of men and women in formal wear. Apparently it was a group of frat brothers and sorority sisters. We ended up talking to them and having a good time dancing. Cue Warren G’s Regulate and that’s when things get interesting.  I was asked to participate in a dance off against a frat brother and I accepted the challenge. Everyone in the crowd was clapping and cheering for us and I pulled out all the stops. The Running Man. The Moonwalk. The Worm. The frat brother and I ended up hugging each other all was said and done and we raised each other’s arms in victory. I ran over to Ben and my friends and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. He gave me a PBR to drink and about twenty minutes later we all left to go back to Emilee’s apartment where I walked into the bathroom and you know. I ended up passing out and waking up later where I sat with Emilee and our friend Erin talking about life and other stuff. Ben and I would leave on Sunday morning and head back to Pittsburgh that evening. 

Whenever I hear Regulate nowadays, I look back fondly on that weekend in Philadelphia. Sadly, I no longer speak to Emilee, Erin, and my other friends from Philadelphia. I guess it’s because we just outgrew each other and we all moved on with our lives and went in different directions. The other sad part is that for all the times I’ve been in Philadelphia, I still haven’t had an authentic cheesesteak from one of the many restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love. I hope to rectify that someday.  

So, with that ill end this story with….REGULATORS – MOUNT UP!