Songs By The Letter, Volume 3: Your Top “X” Songs

OK, I know how few songs there are that start with X, but we can’t just go around skipping letters. Post what you’ve got. If you have 25 (or more!) X songs, I’m very impressed.

There is still one strict rule: No making fun of anyone else’s selections. I’ve never seen any issues with that in the past, but I hope that by explicitly stating it, more people will feel comfortable posting their lists.

Since I skipped the long intro, I just wanted to lay out the remaining schedule. (Yes, we’re getting close to the end.)

Monday, March 27: The letter Y

Monday, April 3: The letter Z

Monday, April 10: Numbers and any other non-alphabetic symbols

Monday, April 17: Bonus track: List your favorite song for each letter (and one for the numbers/symbols, for a total of 27)

Finally, here’s a link to the last go-around for X in case you’re looking for more songs.