The Uncle O’Grimacey Night Thread Needs a Gift

One day in McDonaldland, Uncle O’Grimacey, Grimace’s usually absent uncle, was dropping by for a visit. But Grimace was sad because he didn’t have a gift for him. Ronald McDonald, ever the shrewd businessclown, had the brilliant solution: get Uncle O’Grimacey a product from McDonald’s as a present. Grimace was delighted by the idea, and gave his happy uncle a Shamrock Shake. Uncle O’Grimacey loved the delicious beverage and demanded another, so Ronald took everyone to McDonald’s, and became very rich indeed.

I was thrilled to find out that this commercial had finally turned up on YouTube. For years, I had been looking for Uncle O’Grimacey’s elusive other ad, and here it is, in all of its low quality glory!

But that’s not all I found! Another commercial featuring an Uncle O’Grimacey promotion has also emerged, although in this case, it’s a pretty weird one. It’s for an inflatable that “doubles” as a hand puppet…except that it doesn’t, because you have to “ask mom for some scissors” in order for that to happen, thus destroying it as a balloon. I wonder how many kids had their childhoods ruined by this gross incompetence!

Have a great night, y’all! As for me, GOD, I want a Shamrock Shake right now!