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Emergency Friday Politics Thread Gives a Little

Have nothing else to say here since this is late being posted, but here’s a song from Maggie Rogers called “Give a Little”, and a note she wrote as inspiration for the song:

July 26th, 2018

Dear you,

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple months writing about the past. I wanted this record to tell you about these wild two years I’ve had and acknowledge all the change I’ve felt. I wanted the chance to re-introduce myself – in my own words, in my own time.

“Give a Little” was the last thing I wrote about for this records and there’s always been a special magic to these 11th hour songs.

I wrote “Give a Little” on the day of the national school walk out for gun control. For all the months I’ve spent feeling helpless and frustrated with the world around me, on that day I was so inspired by the change these students were fighting and continue to fight for. As my friend Taylor put it, “a world where we treat problems as human issues, not political ones.” A world where we are visionary, not reactionary.

This is a song about empathy. In the midst of all this fear and hate, what if we got the chance to re-introduce ourselves? What if somebody listened?