The Day Thread Goes Sailing, Sailing

Disney Sing-Along Songs were a series of VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s featuring, unsurprisingly, lots of Disney songs. Usually these would be to coincide with the release of a new movie, such as The Little Mermaid. As a kid, these videos were actually a pretty big deal because it meant you could own part of the film before it actually got a home release an entire year after its theatrical run (there was no such thing as a “45 day window” in those days!), so this was the only way you could watch songs like “Under the Sea” on your television until then.

Anyway, not all of the songs on these videos were from Disney films. Some of them were traditional melodies put to Disney clips, and quite often, these was done very well. “Sailing, Sailing” was actually my favorite song on the Under the Sea tape because of how it makes a song everyone knows into something kind of, well, comforting and even beautiful. And I don’t think that’s just the nostalgia talking either. I love all of the clips they used here (including one of Goofy just shrugging as he’s about to be eaten alive by sharks), and hey, if you were a kid (or an adult) who could keep up with “The Sailor’s Hornpipe” portion of this song, then more power to you. You’re a wizard.

Have a nice day, y’all! Also, this might be the most wholesome OT I’ve ever done. Good for me.