New Taco Restaurant Sunday Food Thread 3/5

Since we’ve moved we’ve been very into checking out nearby restaurants. Friday was a rough day for a lot of little reasons the just added up to frustration and disappointment. When my wife looked at me and said, “Do you want toast for dinner or should we go out?” without missing a beat I chose option B. There’s a Mexican place called ‘Verde Avocado” that’s probably the closest restaurant to our new house and that’s what we decided on. As we walked up to the door we noticed the place smelled like food, good food to boot. Really, I’ve been to places where you walk in and it smells like candles or cleaning chemicals or worse (i.e. sewer gas). So when it smells like actual food when walking in that’s usually a good sign. It’s a small place and most tables were full when we sat down, by the time we got our food there were no free tables. Another good sign. I had a taco dinner (3 tacos with beans and rice) and my wife had cheese enchiladas with molé. My tacos were delicious, seasoned with what tasted like chorizo seasonings to me and with small cubes of potatoes. The beans were really tasty. Unfortunately the rice was barely warm, but I’ll give them a pass as the place was really busy and it looked like only 4 people were working there. The hostess/waitress/phone order taker was literally running to the tables. The enchiladas were very tasty. The molé was a different flavor profile than our old favorite taqueria. I liked it and will try something with molé the next time we go to get a better idea of how it stacks up against Tacos El Norté. I didn’t take any pictures of my food, I just wanted to eat. I’ll try to do better next time.