30 Day Black Actors Challenge Day 27: Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York.  Washington earned esteem from the early days of his film career.  After landing a Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Steve Biko in 1987’s Cry Freedom, he won in the same category for his role of Private Silas Trip in 1989’s Glory.  He has been nominated for a total of nine Academy Awards in acting – the most by any African-American – and one in directing.  He won his second Oscar for his portrayal of corrupt Los Angeles police Detective Alonzo Hoyt in 2001’s Training Day.  Plus, the man knows how to make guarantees.

Let’s chat about Denzel Washington!  Any conversation is welcome but here are the usual prompt suggestions:

What was the first show/film you remember seeing him in?

What’s your favorite role of his? Any favorite scenes or lines?

Are there any films or shows of his that you’re still looking forward to watching?

What are some specific roles/types of roles or genres you’d like to see him take on in the future (or wish he had taken on)?

Directors you’d like to see him work with?

Awards you wish he’d won?

Fun facts?