Without him, there is no Force: The John Williams Theme Tournament Quarterfinals

Here we go with the Quarterfinals! I’m typing this out on my parents’ couch (thanks, folks) as we go from 16 to 8 contenders, and we’re probably mostly done with easy matches from this point on.

Last round had a bunch of blow-outs again, this time “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1st seed) knocked out “Saving Private Ryan” (16th) by 35 points, 37-2. The only real close match was between 9th seed “Harry Potter” which prevailed over 8th seed “Home Alone” 20-16.

Now that there are so few matches,

This round will remain open until Sunday 2/26, at 8PM Eastern.

Here is the link to the non main theme tournament: https://the-avocado.org/2023/02/23/john-williams-tournament-no-main-themes-quarterfinals/