John Williams Tournament (No Main Themes) Quarterfinals

Ahoy to the Quarterfinals! The round of 16 is done, and here were the results:

… Well, we’re down to nothing but Indiana Jones and Star Wars (and the Olympics Fanfare). Superman and Jurassic Park were both knocked out. Indy had his worst round so far, losing 3 out of 4 matches to remain in with only “The Map Room: Dawn” still in play. Meanwhile, Star Wars music is 3/4 of the remaining contenders. Some other stats:

Happily, I didn’t have to break any ties this time around, with the closest match coming between two “Empire Strikes Back” pieces: “The Asteroid Field” (5th seed) beat out Empire’s “End Credits” (12th) by 2 votes, 15-13.

The most lopsided win of the round was 3rd seed “Binary Sunset” triumphing over #14 “Slave Children’s Crusade” from Temple of Doom. There were no upsets to report.

So, with 8 songs left, hopefully you all have time to listen to each song and judge them on their merits without prejudice. Have fun voting, and this round will remain open through the weekend, until Sunday (2/26) at 8PM Eastern.

Here is the link to the concurrent main theme tournament: