February 16th night thread celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Venture Brothers pilot

20 years ago tonight, Cartoon Network aired “The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay” on their Adult Swim block. It’s way rougher than even the First Season that would come a year and a half later.

Chris “Jackson Publick” McCulloch wrote, directed and did most of the voices and Doc Hammer joined in on the post-production later. He had been writing and planning it as a passion project since even earlier, at least 2,000. Aside from James Urbaniak and Patrick Warburton, most of the voices were McCulloch himself and his friends & family:

“As much as season 1 was slapped together and a bunch of non-professionals, the pilot was even moreso-“

Here’s hoping we get the movie to finish up the series’s 85 episode run.

“You blew my head off the first time you showed me that. It looked like a Detergent Ad and there was a 3D Element.”