John Williams Tournament (No Main Themes) Round of 32

The first round has plenty of results to talk about. I’ll give you some of the stats. The closest match was between Superman’s “March of the Villains” which eked out a win against Raiders’ “Basket Game” by a single vote, 10-9. The largest blowout was Home Alone’s “Christmas Star” being shut-out by The Phantom Menace’s “Duel of the Fates,” 25 votes to nuthin’.

There were a couple rounds that resulted in upsets of low seeds against higher ones, the most substantial being NBC Nightly News’ “Mission Suites,” which had landed a 23 seed, being bested by E.T.’s “The Departure,” which may have been underseeded at #42. The votes score was 10-15.

So how did franchises do? Star Wars did just fine, retaining eleven songs and still remaining first in the competition. Superman dropped down to four remaining songs. The big winner of round 1 was the “Indiana Jones” franchise, which lost only one contest (barely) and still has six left. The big loser was “Harry Potter,” losing all four of its matchups.

This round will be open until Thursday evening, 2/16, at 8PM Eastern.