John Williams Tournament (No Main Themes) Round 1!

We begin with the top 64 songs of John Williams, outside of the main movie scores. We’ve got television jingles, a sporting event fanfare, a violin concerto and lots and lots of Star Wars.

The breakdown is as follows, by franchise:

The STAR WARS movies, unsurprisingly, lead the pack with 31(!!!) of the 64 songs. Yes, I could have made this a just-SW tournament. No, I don’t regret not doing it.

The next franchise in line is Superman with 9 tracks.

Indiana Jones movies are at a respectable 7.

Harry Potter films have 4.

Jurassic Park fields 2 entries.

All other movie and non-movie tracks add up to 11.

I’m going to let this round last until Sunday afternoon (2/12) at 4PM Eastern. Since the main-theme tournament lacks a round of 64, I’ll be staggering the two for these first couple rounds, looking to end each tournament’s round of 32 at the same time.