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Weekly Games Thread Passes on the Dragon, Keeps the Dungeon

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread.

Prompt: What’s your favorite video game dungeon (or if you can’t narrow it down, what are your favorites)? I’m looking for something new to play, and nothing gets my attention like a lair filled with secrets, treasures, and puzzles. For me, The Legend of Zelda is the top of the heap. Dungeons like Eagle’s Tower, the Water Temple, Snowpeak Ruins, the Sandship, Stone Tower Temple, and the Divine Beasts delight me. But Nintendo’s certainly not the only one to do this, and while I could certainly pull out a second list, I’ll leave that to the lot of you.

And, of course, let’s hear about the kinds of gaming the weekend brought. But first, make sure to read Lovely Bones’ video game news roundup!