Sunday Food Thread Goes To The Store, 2/5

We moved to a new house recently and there are an amazing amount of grocery stores around here! Lotsa different cultures around us means lotsa variety at the store. It’s also the first time in my life I’ve lived close enough to an Aldi that it makes sense to shop there. So yeah, with all the crazy options in front of me I went to the Aldi (there’s also a store right next door to it called “Marketplace on Oakton” which has great produce). At first I was a little disoriented, it looks mostly like the kind of store I’m used to, but kinda blurry around the edges. I slowly realized that it’s mostly store brand items with a few name brands here and there. And I suppose I don’t mind the self checkout when that’s the only option and it appears that being my own cashier is part of what keeps prices down. Anyway, I didn’t have much presence of mind to take pictures while there– I just wanted to buy my stuff and go home. What do you think of Aldi? It seems to work for some things but I’m not buying fresh feta there.