Avocado’s Snubby Awards, 2022: Submissions

Hello everyone, Lamb here continuing our attempt to keep the Snubby Awards going without their original moderator on this site, the highly respected Cookie Monster.

To recap the point of the Snubbies, it’s an award show for the best films and performance ignored at this year’s Oscars (who announced their nominees last week). The rules are simple: I will post every Oscar category, including three categories celebrating aspects of the craft that the Academy also overlooks: Best Stuntwork, Best Voicework, and Best Casting. For each category I’ll also list who the Oscars nominated so you’ll remember and not accidentally renominate them. Anyone can suggest a film / performance by responding to that category.

Support submissions you think are worthy of a Snubby Nomination with your upvotes. The top five upvote-getters will be our nominees. Last year I had a “run-off” for categories where we ended up not having a clear set of nominees – we’ll see depending on how the engagement on this post is whether an additional round to determine nominees is needed. I intended to allow at least a week for people to vote on these Snubby submissions.

If there’s any confusion about which films are eligible to be summited or which category a performance should be included in, I’ll make the deciding call, with some guidelines I’ll note in the comments.

Once again, please submit and upvote your favorites, and discussion of your picks is welcome!