Get Hip and Hop with the Kangaroo Jack Night Thread

Kangaroo Jack opened on this day 20 years ago. The film, of course, was an instant pop culture phenomenon, sending the whole nation into kangaroo fever. Seriously, you couldn’t go to a mall in 2003 without seeing at least twenty people wearing Kangaroo Jack shirts, and they would usually look at you as you walked by them while shouting his signature catchphrase “I GOT DA MONEY IN MY POUCH!” By the way, I literally just looked it up, and it turns out that male kangaroos actually don’t have pouches, meaning that Kangaroo Jack lied to me. Or maybe it didn’t. I amazingly am one of the few people left on the planet who hasn’t watched this film.

But I feel like I did, because Kangaroo Jack was fucking everywhere, and was the official start of the KCU (Kangaroo Cinematic Universe). This lead to equally massive hits like Racing Stripes, the animated Kangaroo Jack Hops to America and Actually Talks in This One, and of course, Kangaroo Jack in Space. Sadly, talks of a planned crossover with The Country Bears (which would have been called Kangaroo Jack Raps with The Country Bears: Grin and Bear It) never came to be.

What are you favorite lines from Kangaroo Jack? Who are your favorite characters? Did the movie awaken anything in you on a sexual level when you first saw it? Feel free to let us know!

Have a HOPPING good night, Avocados! Also, here is Captain Kangaroo Jack Sparrow….