Comic Book Review – Star Wars Bounty Hunters #29

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #29

Writer – Ethan Sacks

Artist – Paolo Villanelli

“Bedlam on Bestine”

The War of the Bounty Hunters mega-crossover event hurt my wallet something fierce a few summers ago so I pumped the brakes on getting extra Star Wars books outside of Darth Vader. I picked up the Star Wars Revelations one-shot and it got me back on the Star Wars train for a bit. I bought the latest issues of Bounty Hunters and Doctor Aphra from November to see what’s been going on in these titles. I read them and gave them to a friend of mine.

The war between Crimson Dawn and the Empire is heating up. Valence and his crew are sent to Bestine to protect a transport full of food and medicine for its inhabitants at the behest of Darth Vader. Tong’a and her cohorts are sent by Crimson Dawn to disrupt and destroy the supplies. What will happen when these former friends/enemies/lovers cross paths? Mutually ensured destruction, perhaps?

Marvel Comics has been weaving intricate plots amongst the episodes we have grown to love since the 70s. Expanding upon the backstories of beloved Bounty Hunters like Dengar, 4-Lom, Zuckuss, Bossk, and Valance has been a boon for the House of Ideas.

The main story starts off slow before hitting the gas and never letting up until the shocking ending. There is a brief interlude featuring IG-88 that helps the reader catch their breath for a moment. A nice surprise if I do say so myself.

The only downside to jumping back into the mix of Bounty Hunters is trying to figure out to whom some of these unfamiliar faces belong. Previous entries would give a roster or lineup on the recap page. It would be helpful to have that reinstated in certain issues as a helpful refresher for those that dip in and out of the story. It would save the reader some time having to research these antagonists/protagonists online mid-story. That’s just my opinion though.

Who will survive this Battle of Bestine? Will the Empire stand supreme or will the upstart Crimson Dawn steal the victory and a chance to win the war?

Let’s take a look at the solicit for the next issue. Before we do, let me know who your favorite Bounty Hunter is in the Star Wars Universe in the comments.

Next Issue – “T’onga and her team of bounty hunters find themselves in the crosshairs of an old ally! But how will Valance react to learning the dark secret that has been kept from him? Can any of them survive the full might of a vindictive Empire?” In Stores January 18th, 2023.