Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (1/17)

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Thirty years ago, Stephen Spielberg mastered his craft in special effects by giving us a world with dinosaur effects so good that they stand up today. Welcome, movie thread visitors, to the anniversary of Jurassic Park.

Having read the Michael Crichton book and seen the film, I must come to the conclusion that the old adage about the movie never being as good as the book is simply untrue. In many cases, it’s better. Crichton’s prose cannot fully convey the majesty as portrayed on the screen.

Neither is Crichton as successful in characterization. In the book, they come off as two-dimensional. Much has been written how movie Hammond is much cuddle than the original, so I’ll focus on another character. Lex is much improved in the film version. Book Lex is a spoiled brat who never seems to full grasp that the dinos have gotten loose. Movie Lex, though saddled with some groan worthy lines, is more interesting in both her computer skills and in her fear once hell breaks loose. Overall, she feels like a real human being rather than a prop.

This is all subjective, of course. I know some of you are already typing, “The book was a masterpiece and Spielberg ripped out everything that was interesting about it!” You have the right to think so, of course. But when the book starts with a guy getting into a fight with his wife over double booking a plastic surgery, I kinda feel the movie has more charm.

Today’s bonus prompt: what movie do you think was better than the book it was based on?