Comic Book Review – The Flash #790

The Flash #790

Writer – Jeremy Adams

Artist – Roger Cruz

The One-Minute War – Part One – Zero Point

The best part of end of year lists for comics (both here and other sites online) is that you can take these lists and go back and read what you missed. The Flash was nominated by a few commenters for the Jack Kirby Award for Best Comic and I decided to jump into Adams’ run with Issue 790 and the opening salvo of the One:Minute:War

Both Wally and Barry are taking a much-needed break from their duties as superheroes when a spacecraft enters the atmosphere over Central City. Wally and the other members of the Flash family are the first ones to notice this invasion thanks to their connection to the Speed Force. They observe time frozen around them as well as the people by which they are surrounded. What does The Fraction want with Earth and can the Flashes stop these aliens from attacking their hometown and hurting their loved ones?

If you haven’t been reading the Scarlet Speedster’s adventures lately, now is the perfect jumping- on point. This issue is the start of a brand-new storyline that will definitely have ramifications for the Flash family (the final page of the issue is a gut punch) and eventually usher in the 800th milestone issue of the title later this year.

I really enjoyed how Adams gives the spotlight to each speedster over the course of the issue. I had no idea that Max Mercury returned to the comic but that was a nice surprise. I also enjoyed Kid Flash and Impulse’s budding rivalry. I’m sure they will have to put their differences aside and work together to save the city and its inhabitants.

It has been a while since I read a Flash comic and there are a few plot elements dropped that I was unaware, like Wally and Linda having a third kid. The first two volumes of Adams’ Flash run are available on Hoopla, so I’m going to make time over the next month or two and go back and read them and see what I missed.

Since the war will last one minute, I am hopeful there will be a timer used over the course of the upcoming issues. It will help ratchet up suspense to see if the Flashes can overcome their adversaries in the time allotted. If there isn’t, I’ll be a little disappointed.

Next Issue– “The heroes are split after the alien speedsters known as the Fraction smashed into Central City and must attempt to fend off attacks while trying to formulate a plan. But there’s no time for the heroes to take a breather, as besides the speedsters, Miss Murder is also hunting the team–and she has speed hounds…” In Stores January 17th, 2023