Werewolves 199: Death on the Ice Block! Day One

The Day After Yesterday. Issolboch, South Dakota

The sun is out, blindingly bright from the snow covered ground. Only one child went missing last night and it was the MacCrocodile’s kid who no one really liked anyway. The air is tense as tonight will mark the Wolf Moon. All doors will be locked and all windows will be shuttered. Grim faces go about their business; eager to be home before dark. Folks wave to each other from the safety of their cars. Not in a friendly way; just acknowledging one another’s existence. The only lively business is Popeye’s Tavern, as it should be. Until it isn’t…

In a far flung field The Pheasant waits.


1) sic- J Dawg

2) Lindsay- Ravioli Ambrose Custard

3) spooky- Robín Du’Stratocaster

4) Josephus- Weiner Herzog

5) Nate- Icee Van Winker

6) Indy- The Fall Guy?

7) Wasp- Icy Winner

8) MSD- Water Tribe

9) Goat- Too Many Goats?- discarded Primus song

10) Moolissa- Chaos Agent in Disguise

11) Eleanor- Frostyfur

12) Cop- ChatGPT

13) Quee- Melvin and Bobbes

14) jake- The Grim Reaper

15) Malt- Hellboy

16) Kim- James Pattycake

17) Cork- Baba Yaga 😹

18) Marlowe- Chance Boudoir



Sheriff Kaho: Town Investigator. Each night will be told if selected player is Scum/Not Scum. The Pheasant will read as Not Scum unless successfully targeted by Baba Yaga.

Mrs. Huntsmanspider: Town Jailer. Cannot jail the same player on consecutive nights. Can jail themselves but their vote won’t count towards the final tally.

The Pheasant: If successfully targeted by the Wolves the Wolf carrying out the kill will die. This is a one time deal and if successfully targeted again they will die like normal. If successfully targeted by Baba Yaga they will join them and carry out the Night Kills. If this happens they will lose their Wolf kill immunity.

Folk of the Land: VT (13)


Clan of Costner: Wolves (3)

Lt. Dunbar: Lead Wolf. Calls the Wolf kills.

Crash Davis/Ray Kinsella: VW

Baba Yaga: SK. Picks off as many Folks as they can before y’all kill them too early. See The Pheasant Description for more info


Order of Actions: Jailing->Investigating->SK targeting->Wolf targeting->Pheasanting

No direct quoting from DMs

Minimum 3 comments a Day

Be nice to each other

Attack arguments not people

Have fun