Werewolves 199: Death on the Ice Block! Signups

Present Day. Issolboch, South Dakota.

“What the actual fuck?!?”


Sheriff Kaho knelt in the snow off to the side of Highway 1 staring down at what appeared to be a giant chicken footprint.

“Chief, you okay?”

“Officer Mello, what am I looking at?”

“A giant chicken footprint, Chief.”

Sheriff Kaho pointed across the Highway, which was no more than a barely paved two lane road, at Officer Pronk, who was about 20 yards ahead of them.

“And what’s that dingus over there looking at?”

“Another chicken footprint, Chief.”

Officer Pronk waved, slipped, and disappeared from sight into the snow. Sheriff Kaho sighed.

“Seems like you’ve got all the answers, Mello. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on?”

“Baba Yaga, Chief.”

“Baby what now?!?”

“Yaga. Baba Yaga. It’s old Russian folklore. Witches. My Grandma would tell us stories mostly to keep us kids in line. Nasty stuff but I don’t remember much more than that.”

Sheriff Kaho squinted in the direction from where the tracks were coming. The Badlands. Nasty stuff, indeed.

“Any word on the Donner kid?”

“No, Chief.”

“Fuck. Alright, looks like we’ve got ourselves a mystery to solve.”

“Yes, Chief.”

Endless bone white skies stretched out over the small police party, over Issolboch, and past Popeye’s Tavern, a roadhouse just outside Winner.

The inside of Popeye’s was dark and smoky and smelled like old dog farts. At a table towards the back sat a small group huddled together over half drunk beers.

“You all know why we’re here, right?”, asked Lt. Dunbar.

“If you call us, we will come!”

“Oh fuck the fuck off, Kinsella.”, groaned Davis.

“Fam, it’s almost the Wolf Moon.”, continued Dunbar. “No time for bickering. We have too much work to do.”

Outside of Popeye’s the wind picked up to a howl and huffed back around to Issolboch. Inside a small farmhouse, kept neat as a pin, Mrs. Huntsmanspider’s ears pricked up.

“yes indeed dancing spider babies the big big dance is coming and we are ready yes we are for eggs and dreams and eggs and dancing yes indeed we are”

Off in a forgotten field sits The Pheasant.

Welcome to Werewolves 199: Death on the Ice Block! This will be a fairly basic setup, Newbies welcome <3, but we’re gonna keep the Roles and stuff pretty loose until we see how many victims sign up. Yes there will be Wolves, a Serial Killer, an Investigator, and a Jailer. Plus some other fun stuff. But what they’ll look like and how they function is to be determined. We’ll make sure to make all of the Roles clear on Day One. Or not…

The Rules will stay the same, though: have fun, be kind to each other, attack arguments not people, be weird. Happy New Year <3!- KaHo


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