Job Rants Thread – 12/30/2022 – Leftovers

Hey, all; Happy and Healthy Friday –

I hope that everyone’s well-recovered from the holidays; or at least enough for the last bash that is New Years, anyway. Got anything planned? I don’t. I haven’t really had time to think about it; what with the ungodly amount of indigestion I’ve been battling from the holiday meals. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, too much. It’s been more than my kitchenette-having bachelor-assed self has been able to enjoy for quite awhile.

Getting more on-topic, though; if there was one thing I could say that I missed about my old job is that, around this time of year, at least we had a filled break-room fridge for days. Any time that there was an excuse for people to make and.or bring in staggering amounts of food that couldn’t be finished in a day even with a full office, we would. Hell, even coming in three weeks after I resigned to see off my old boss, I was being begged to take entire steam trays home. so as to not see them wasted. I would have too, were it nor for the fact I had taken the bus, and I didn’t need any weirdos looking at me more than normal.

Ah, well; perhaps it’s for the best. The time to make New Years’ resolutions is at hand, and one can’t properly lie to himself that he’s going back to the gym with too much physically present after all.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a spectacular (or at least, enjoyable) New Year’s Eve and beyond. Thanks for both being a part of our little community. as well as putting up with the foibles of its’ host. May 2023 bring us all a fresh and energized perspective on all our professional lives.