Sports Corner Wraps Up 2022

Sorry for the recent gap. A busy work scheduled followed by our household dealing with COVID (with not much more than cold symptoms and exhaustion) delayed me till now, but I am back to say goodbye to 2022. No Year in Review stuff, since you can find that elsewhere. No, we are in the here and now:

  • Two weeks to go in the NFL regular season
  • CFB playoffs are here at last, after a ton of really unexciting bowl games
  • Boy, anyone could win in either conference in the NBA
  • Not quite that level of chaos in the NHL, though
  • Best of luck to JJ Watt, whose success on the field is dwarfed by his work for the community
  • Congrats to Argentina on their World Cup victory. Now, get back to work, Messi!

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.