The Pits

The Pits: 2022 Commenting Awards

It’s time for one of this site’s most beloved traditions: the annual commenting awards!

Here’s how it works. I’ll make a subthread for each of the categories listed below. Submit your nominations for each category as a reply, and upvote the ones you want to win. At the end of voting period at noon EST on December 27th, the nominee with the most upvotes will win the category. (You can upvote your own nominees. We here at The Avocado believe in practising self-love.)

By popular request, I’ve also included a subthread for random shoutouts. This subthread isn’t going to be used to determine any kind of award; it’s just a space for you to say something nice about a fellow community member.

Here are the categories:

  1. Hall of Fame Nominations (who and why)
  2. Best Discovery (Media you discovered on The Avocado, and the person who suggested it)
  3. Best Comment – Funny
  4. Best Comment – Serious
  5. Best Conversation
  6. Best Use of The Avocado as a Response
  7. Best Username – Regular
  8. Best Username – Holiday
  9. Best Avatar
  10. Best Gimmick Account
  11. Best Pet Photo
  12. Best Photoshop Job
  13. Best OT or PT Header
  14. Covfefening of the Year: Best PT Meme Spiral
  15. The Train Sandwich Award: Best OT Meme Spiral
  16. Best Recurring Thread
  17. Best One-Off Thread
  18. Best Avocado Tournament
  19. Best 30-Day Challenge (specific day, not month theme)
  20. Best Werewolf Game
  21. Best Rabbit Screening
  22. Best Live-Chat
  23. Best Review
  24. Best Spotlight
  25. Best Original Media for The Avocado
  26. Best Recipe
  27. The Ack-Ack Memorial Kindest Commenter Award
  28. Best Buds
  29. Rookie of the Year
  30. The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award for Most Active Commenter