Avocado Cleaning Thread Talks About Doom

This is the space to talk about your cleaning projects, ask for advice, brag about your successes, commiserate about all the work there is to do.

Somewhat recently, there was an article in the New York Times about doom piles, which seems like a good topic for a thread about cleaning. I

According to Urban Dictionary, a doom pile is:

“A pile of objects which have no place to be put, or end up there out of not bothering to put them somewhere better. Generally speaking, ADHD havers tend to have (or usually have) a doom pile or two. A doom pile may be random objects along with important things you don’t want to misplace.”

I’m sure you have some random piles around in your living space. Sometimes having too many of them can drag down our mood, or make us feel ashamed when people come to visit, but they also can hide from our vision and be forgotten.

Here’s an interesting article someone wrote about their experiences with doom piles: link.

How do DOOM piles affect your state of mind?

(Or feel free to write about anything cleaning related!)