Trent DeMarco

The Trent DeMarco Night Thread (December 16, 2022)

Tonight we pay tribute to the dearly departed Trent DeMarco. The highschool boyfriend of Mikaela Banes, in 2007 he was cruelly dumped in favour of the idiotically stupid moron Sam Witwicky. Heartbreaking.

He was the class joker!

He managed to regain his confidence once graduating however, and in 2009 started a relationship with the beautiful Jenna and summered with her and his cohort of friends at his family’s cabin on Crystal Lake.

00s fashion icon!

Tragically, he was subsequently murdered by Jason Voorhees. Yes, he was unfaithful to Jenna with her best friend Bree, but did that transgression really merit getting impaled on a spiky thing attached to the back of a truck?

Poor Trent!

Rest in Peace, sweet Trent. Good night everyone and take care of yourselves this weekend!