The Book Nook Wants to Turn Back Time (12/14)

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Previously we talked about how there are some books you dare not re-read again because you’re afraid how they might not hold up to how it came across in your head. This week, the discussion is about something related. Sometimes we wish we could read a book for the again for the first time, because that memory of doing so is so special to you, or, rather, because you might end up feeling differently this time around. So please, let us know what book(s) you’d want to read anew, and why?

Reminder: This Friday (December 16th) the 2022 Pits for Best Book will go live. Please vote for the best book of 2022!

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible. Please use your words insteadThanks, and happy posting!