World Cup 2022: Semifinals, As Time Goes By

Messi continues his path to glory, Brazil crashes out even after a Neymar golazo, Football is not coming home and the Moroccan dream continues. Only four matches remain, and one is the third place game, lets see the bracket (via Sporting News):

A lot of different narratives are possible: Messi finally winning, France winning back to back and either Croatia or Morocco making history. Before we get to that though, we do have these matches:

Day 1: Messi, siempre Messi

Argentina v Croatia

Argentina was winning their match 2-0, everything seemed controlled until Van Gaal used a tactic from the bronze age: chuck balls to the tall guy up front. And boy, do the Dutch have tall guys. Still, Dibu Martínez loves the spotlight and was the difference in the PKs. As per Croatia, they stopped the Brazilian unstoppable team by having one of the best midfields in the world, with an ageless Modric and a keeper that should have increased his value at least 3x. Croatia will sure look again for a cagy affair, but can you keep Messi in a cage for long? PKs again wouldn’t surprise me.

Day 2: Revolution of the King and the People

France v Morocco

France didn’t play that well, but it’s said that good teams win when they play well while great teams win even if they don’t. England did show that you can control Mbappé and that the French defense is weak when challenged, of course not sure if Morocco can do that. Morocco keeps chugging along, reminding some people of the Greece team of the 2004 Euros, I don’t buy that. that Greek team was just a bore to watch while Morocco, while sure defend a ton, they do have the quality for quick and exciting counters, well except for the dreadful Cheddira. Jesus, thank God he got a red card and won’t be available this game. I know I said this the last time, but I do believe this is the end of the road of Morocco, but what a cup they had. Hopefully they can build from this and not end like 2002’s Turkey