The Joyeux Noël Day Thread



Available in Brazil, France, IrelandMexico, the NetherlandsSouth Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and perhaps a few other countries. Approximately 116 minutes.


I have said pretty much every December here that Joyeux Noël from 2005 is my favorite Christmas movie. It brings the shameless sentimentality of the season to the unforgiving brutality of World War I. It tells a…uh…highly fictionalized story of the 1914 Christmas Truce. And I really enjoy it. Sad, hopeful, bittersweet, wistful. Yes, I do kind of acknowledge that these Europeans forgoing the politics of war to find common ground in their shared culture is not necessarily available to someone like me. And I do find it a little amusing that the primary Brits here are actually Scottish, allowing the English to remain the bad guys in this French film. And I still don’t know why Diane Kruger’s character was Danish when she would be speaking Ger-ANYWAYS, I really like this movi