American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 20 Gernot & Strudel

In which the Smiths try to teach Klaus a lesson.

Francine throws a birthday party for Klaus but he acts so selfishly that everyone leaves. The family has to figure out how to stop Klaus from acting selfishly. They stumble upon on old show from Klaus’s childhood, Gernot & Strudel, a Sesame Street-esque show that teaches kids values. An attempt to download the episode is unsuccessful so Stan, Francine, Hayley and Jeff stage their own version of the show.

This works on Klaus who is happy to have learned the lesson to share. However, soon Klaus goes overboard and transforms the Smiths into their characters thanks to the CIA. It’s revealed that the reason the episode about sharing was locked away was because Klaus ended up injuring the cast when he was called up on stage. The family freaks out and they have to make a mad dash to Dr. Weitzman before he leaves on vacation. They make it there and then Klaus transfers his mind into the Stan puppet

Over on the B-Plot, Steve has to keep Roger from taking drugs ahead of his piano recital. Steve successfully Bugs Bunnies his way into stopping Roger from taking drugs a number of times and getting him to his piano recital. However, while at the recital, Steve discovers that Roger’s drug guy and sometimes friend, gave him a piano that’s all drugs. This causes Roger to get extremely high while playing but everyone still loves it because they are also high.

Stray Observations

  • We finally meet some Klaus’s boys
  • Klaus’s song (Guppy Love, the nutrigrain bar and mountain dew song) is playing at the party.
  • Dr. Weitzman was using the family’s bodies but only as a couch


The plot seemed to take a bit to get going but I loved the bizarre turn. And the Steve/Roger plot had some good stuff in it as well