World Cup 2022: Matchday 13, A 12 Year Old Grudge

Last two groups are decided today, well Portugal and Brazil are already through but the rest have some fight left. We have four games today, lets take a look:

Group H: Ghana v Uruguay

Surprisingly, specially counting with proven strikers like Darwin Núñez, Edison Cavani and Luis Suárez, Uruguay hasn’t scored yet, wild times. And given their -2 goal difference they must. On the other hand, Ghana has been in both ends of a 3-2, so they do have goal and 50/50 luck. Oh yeah, and they want vengeance from the Suárez handball. I’m going Ghana.

Group H: South Korea v Portugal

Portugal are through already and, unless Ghana really trashes Uruguay (or Korea trashes them), they’re almost guaranteed a first place. Korea needs a win and a combination from the Ghana v Uruguay. Korea has hear, but it won’t be enough.

Group G: Serbia v Switzerland

Serbia just had a wild 3-3 game against Cameroon while the Swiss held on for as long as they could against Brasil but still lost. Both need the result, will be a hard fought game.

Group G: Cameroon v Brasil

Cameroon is un turmoil, their main goalkeeper (and one of their best players) André Onana just left the team as he was against the coach’s tactics. They need sometime against Brasil that didn’t look well without Neymar, but still won, as the big teams do. Cameroon needs to put their heads in the game, I don’t think they can.