World Cup 2022: Matchday 12, The Mannschaft Hangs on

Group E and F are defined today. In Group E after Japan lost against Costa Rica and Germany tied with Spain everyone somehow has a change, yes even Los Ticos that lost 7-0. In Group F, Canada fought valiantly but they’re already out. Belgium still has a chance but they must win. Again we have four games, lets take a look:

Group F: Croatia v Belgium

Belgium’s Golden [citation needed] Generation are on the verge of a catastrophe, before the World Cup they surely wouldn’t want to be in a situation to get a result against Croatia, but now here they are. If they win they go thru, everything else is tricky. In front of them, Croatia showed good things against Canada after a fairly underwhelming start against Morocco. I’d put my money on them.

Group F: Canada v Morocco

Canada is out, Morocco needs at least a draw. Morocco should not underestimate Canadian pride.

Group E: Japan v Spain

Well, Japan wasted their big victory against Germany, haven’t they? Now they need at least a tie against Spain and that Germany doesn’t win for more than one goal. Spain is already qualified on first place and by a wide margin thanks to their 7-0 defeat of Costa Rica, they should just send the reserves, Japan probably thinks the same.

Group E: Costa Rica v Germany

Who would have thought Costa Rica would still have a chance after the 7-0? Who would have thought Germany must get a result on their last match just to finish second? Germany is still in a good position here, even with their 1 point if the logic results happen and Spain defeats Japan, but this Cup has been anything but logical.