The Avocado

Disqus Embed Beta Feedback

OK so some guidelines:

Please remember the human being behind the screen. Be constructive in your feedback and understand that they are open to our suggestions. If we want to keep having input on these types of changes, we need to not be jerks. Otherwise the changes are just going to happen without us. We will be moderating this thread and will delete and possibly warn anyone who doesn’t meet what’s acceptable for any community member.

If you are experiencing something you think is a bug, be as specific as you can about how to reproduce it. OS, browser, etc type info helps.

We have already identified the 4 bugs for the team:

The Firefox “You must log in to post an image” bug

Some people going directly to spam

The issue with auto mod telling you to check your internet connection

Downvotes showing in this beta

I’ll be linking this thread to our Disqus reps. I don’t know if they’ll actively participate or answer questions though.

The beta should end tomorrow AM, not exactly sure when.

Here is a link to the Disqus blog discussing the changes: