Comic Book Review – Not Funny Ha-Ha (2015)

Not Funny Ha-Ha (2015)

Writer/Artist – Leah Hayes

I took the month of October off from the TO Comic Book Club to watch horror movies on the Road to Halloween. The announced list of books for November was recently posted and I decided to jump back into the thick of it and read Not Funny Ha-Ha by Leah Hayes.  

I have to be honest with you- when I read the synopsis of the graphic novel, I wasn’t going to read it because of the subject matter. I knew in my heart this selection was chosen for a reason and I decided to read it anyway. I’m glad I did.

This story is based on true accounts of two different women (Lisa and Mary) that decide to have abortions. Lisa decides to have a surgical abortion and Mary has a medical one. Both stories illustrate their paths to having the procedure and the aftermath of each.

I read this over two days last week and it’s a very informative read. I learned a lot about the types of procedures and how they differ. It was an eye-opening experience but a journey that I’m glad I took.

Abortion has always been a hot button issue and after the repeal of Roe Vs. Wade, it was one of the most important issues for voters during the midterm election. This graphic novel is one that should be read by all, especially men. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in high school but this would be a good book for a health class assignment or a sex education class.

As I continue to grow as a mature individual, I think back to my own time as a young teenager. There were some topics that I was never taught about because the subject matter might be too heavy or controversial. Going to Catholic high school, we were taught that abortion was 100 % wrong. There were no other discussions about the topic outside of that.  Any subject taught or brought to someone’s attention should be discussed maturely with both sides being brought to the forefront. When you only know one side of the subject, you aren’t fully informed and therefore, unable to make a well -thought -out decision.

There is a resources page at the end of the book and a reason why she decided to write this book about the subject matter. Both parts I’m glad I didn’t skip over.

Not Funny-Ha-Ha was released back in 2015 and is just as important today as it was when it was published. It is currently available on Hoopla if you would like to give it a read.