American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 19 Jambalaya

In which Roger remembers his Jambalaya recipe.

Francine is frustrated that she can’t grow a garden until she orders the farmers almanac. She eventually grows some good tomatoes, which makes Roger remember that he can make a really good Jambalaya. Roger eventually pulls a Roger and creates a restaurant, adopting a mascot, Julius, an alligator. It becomes successful but Francine is frustrated that Roger has taken over the downstairs of the house. She eventually has some guy who was really interested in Julius come and take him away.

When confronted, Francine confesses and feels really bad. Francine and Roger attempt to go save Julius but are captured when they have no plan. They are about to be killed when they’re rescued by John Cena (see below).

Over on the B-Plot, Stan and Hayley decide to take a trip to see their favorite Facebook follow, Bev Divencenzo, who is so boring that she doesn’t even know it and that makes her interesting to them. They travel to Altoona, PA to see her but end up crashing the car. They are taken in by Bev and try to get all of her specialties, like her wet salsa and watching the Pirates game on the porch on her iPad. Stan and Hayley fake the extent of their injuries but escape once they start to divulge too much information.

In the C-Plot, Steve and Klaus try to write a script for John Cena. They eventually take it to him while he’s at his childrens’ book reading. Then they all go rescue Francine Roger and Julius. Cena steals the idea for Klaus and Steve’s movie and teams up with Julius for the picture.

Stray Observations

  • Bullock’s on drugs again and that’s why Stan doesn’t go to work
  • Paul Rudd (not actually him) shows up in the pre-intro sequence to sell the farmer’s almanac.
  • No mention of Steve being Bayou Billy with the big balls, even with the repeated mentions of the bayou.
  • Why doesn’t Roger remember that his previous restaurant, Roger’s Laotian Adventure, failed


Upon reflection this one was solid for me. Some good jokes and I enjoyed the different plots.